A few years ago in Köln in early winter, we came across this cosy little bar near where we were staying and stopped on our way home for a nightcap. We snugged up by the heater outside, covered our legs in rugs and saw they did a warm drink with apple, amaretto and cinnamon - as you probably gathered from my last post I am an almond fiend so I absolutely had to try this drink.

It is possibly my most favourite winter drink - ever! It is warming, spicy, sweet, very easy to drink but not too boozy so it's great for cosy nights in or to take with you in a flask on a walk.

We've played around with a name and the ingredients over the years trying to nail the right combo and I think we have finally done it.

I present to you, as a little festive treat, our dear friend - the Apfeletto!

INGREDIENTS: to serve 2-4

Cloudy apple juice (1 litre bottle)

1 orange

1 lemon

2 cinnamon sticks

a good pinch of ground cinnamon



- Peel the zest from the orange and lemon, and juice both fruits.

- Add the apple juice, zest, citrus juices, ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks to a saucepan and heat gently to mull.

- Add one shot of amaretto to each glass, then pour over the mulled apple juice once it is steaming hot and serve immediately.

- You can add a cinnamon stick and slice of orange as an optional garnish!